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3 Baroque Pearl Rainbow Necklace

3 Baroque Pearl Rainbow Necklace

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Our most playful and free-spirited necklace is made to inspire, uplift, and encourage free movement within the soul. The 3 Baroque Pearl Rainbow Necklace is effortless, chic, and can be dressed up or down. This rainbow-hued necklace features some of our designer's favorite gemstones including vibrant rubies, electric emerald, deep ocean blue, and sun yellow sapphires, and lustrous baroque pearls. With each pearl being one-of-a-kind, the necklace will truly be yours to hold. A carefully hand-stranded row of precious gemstones station the baroque pearls for the perfect balance of delicate and bold. Finished with 14K gold-filled hardware that does not fade or tarnish, we are all about longevity and sustainability. To reflect a piece as versatile and evolving as you, the Rainbow Necklace can be worn three different ways - tied in a knot, fastened as a loop, or draped over the décolleté. Wear it alone or layered with our matching 2-layer Baroque Pearl Rainbow Necklace for a statement look.

AAA+ quality baroque pearls
AAA+ quality hand-cut ruby, emerald, blue and yellow sapphire gemstones
14K gold filled hardware
Necklace length is 42 inches
Handmade in Charleston, SC
Each necklace is made to order. Ships in about 2 weeks from the order date 

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