Monái is first and foremost inspired by nature’s unique elements. Then, our human creative energy transforms them into jewelry designs with strong character and powerful impact. Our purpose is to create jewelry that elevates style, personality, and appearance to something slightly supernatural, drawing others in to see us in the way we wished to be seen.

    We saw that too many statement jewelry pieces demand the impossible for those that wear them, that they must be perfect to look perfect. We believe that perfection is static and boring and that it’s the imperfections that add character and charm. For our designs, we chose baroque pearls, each with a unique shape, and hand-cut gemstones that are polished to show natural color and texture. Thus, two jewelry pieces are never the same.

    Monái creates jewelry that is adaptive, dynamic, and suited to you, never the other way around. Our designs can be worn in many different ways, they’re easy to mix, match, and stack with other pieces, while still being beautiful enough to wear on their own. We designed a collection with so many possibilities that it has a different look and feel each time you wear it, allowing you to reflect what makes you you. Each day you choose your jewelry, you get to immerse into a creative process together with us, developing a ritual and creating your own unique statement.

    In contrast to fast fashion and rapidly changing trends, Monái offers timeless statement jewelry that stands the test of time. Our impeccable quality and dynamic design are created through a sharp focus on craftsmanship, keen attention to detail, and a meticulous selection of materials. We carefully select hand-cut gemstones, sifting through hundreds of baroque pearls to find the perfect match. Our handmade process is then executed to perfection by a skilled designer, finished in innovative 14K gold filled metal that never fades, tarnishes, or causes allergies. We strongly believe that once you fall in love with something, it should last for years!

    Each piece is made-to-order in Charleston, SC.