Care guide



    Pearls love being worn, your natural body oils help to maintain their luster.

    Pearls do best in humidity, so try to store them in an environment that is not too dry to avoid a possible crack.

    Keep your pearls away from saltwater, perfumes, cosmetics, perspiration, chlorine, vinegar, ammonia, or dirt.

    Put your pearl jewelry on last after you’ve finished with perfumes and hair products.

    Pearls are soft so keep them away from sharp surfaces to avoid scratching.

    Remove pearls before exercising or a swimming in the pool.

    Wash your pearls periodically with mild soap and soft cloth, then rinse with clean water and pat them dry with a thin damp cotton towel.


    One of the great things about gold-filled hardware is that it requires minimal care and is meant to be worn as often as you’d like.

    Periodically clean your gold-filled hardware with a wet cloth or water and mild soap, then simply polish it with a soft dry cloth.

    Gold-filled hardware may scratch over time so be aware when coming in close contact with sharp surfaces.


    Each gemstone is unique, some being softer than others. To protect them from cracking, wear with care and avoid contact with hard surfaces.

    Chemicals and perfumes, household cleaners, chlorine, or cosmetics can affect the quality and appearance of gemstone jewelry.

    Take care when tying and untying our long 3 baroque pearl necklace as the tiny gemstones can crack under too much pressure and pulling power. Always leave the knot or the loop slightly loose and the gemstones will fall into the perfect place themselves.

    When traveling, keep each jewelry piece in a separate soft pouch and a box.