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Baroque Pearl Rainbow Necklace

Baroque Pearl Rainbow Necklace

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Discover the essence of joy with our vibrant Rainbow Collection. This double-layered rainbow necklace is a symbol of boundless positivity, designed to spark your spirit. Featuring lively rubies, electric emeralds, deep ocean blues, sun-kissed yellow sapphires, and a unique baroque pearl, each piece is one-of-a-kind. Set in durable 14K gold-filled metal, this necklace will not fade, tarnish, or cause irritation. Expect to dance, laugh, and smile a little brighter with our Baroque Pearl Rainbow Necklace, perfect for any occasion, day or night. Wear it solo or layer it with matching Long Baroque Pearl Rainbow Necklace for a true statement look.

AAA+ quality baroque pearl
AAA+ quality hand-cut ruby, emerald, blue and yellow sapphire gemstones
14K gold filled hardware
Necklace length is 14 inches + 3 inch extender
Handmade in Charleston, SC
Each necklace is made to order. Ships in about 2 weeks from the order date. 

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